Truth of This World

Fri, 01/31/2014 - 09:17 -- svspurr


Ignorance may be bliss but it’s time to risk awareness.

Knowledge hurts, but nothing in this world is painless.

You may have a thirst for love, but I have a thirst for wisdom.

You can take as much as you can find. It’s our species’ freedom.

Because life isn’t worth anything if you don’t live it to its entirety.

It can be confusing at times, but one day you’ll find clarity.


Once you strip away our society’s standards of good and evil

You’ll see the truth of our world. You’ll find it’s primeval.

The truth of this world is that nothing has only one side.

It’s true in your town, in your state, and even worldwide.

Every good has its bad. Every bad has its good.

It’s all yin and yang. This has to be understood.


I know I know nothing, but that doesn’t stop me from trying

To know all that I can before my days are done and I’m lying

Six feet under the ground where I can’t make a sound.

I hope I leave behind something that’s different and profound.

I hope the deeds that I do leave seeds of hope that disturb

The minds of the comfortable. Make them hear the unheard.

We’ve gotten too content as a species. We’ve lost our drive.

To be great we need to do more than just survive.

My generation is the generation without a purpose.

It’s time to give us a meaning that’s deeper than our surface.

We can make this world great if we realize our greatness.

We can leave our mark behind, and not die faceless.


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