What Would I Change


What Would I change? Thats a question to many but ony few can answer. What we see when we look into the world that we kive in is pain, heartache, heartbreak and chances missed beung chances we must take. We feel alone in this world because were all alobe once were on our own. We sit and think about how to change the outlook and the outreach but come to no decision to make this world better for us to live in. The world is such a huge place filled with endless possibilites, endless reasons to change. We change only what we want to change. We change only what our hearts feel like we should change. To change means to conform, to be diverse in our decisons, our options, our opinions to express our feelings about change. Chnage can be a ray of sunshine or a bottomless pit of darkness. It can open our eyes to the raging heart thats within ourself or close us off to be beside ourself. Change can move us to become better for oursekves as well as the people we strive to become the best for. We change for our mistakes we have made. We change for the betterness our family. The question in our minds really is Why Would We Change?

For me I would change our outlook on life, our outlook on ourselves as individuals,  to chaneg this world we change everyone. Some may be the same but its onlt if you want to change for thr better or for the worst depending on your outlook on change. I would chnage the violence that still exists for everyone, the blood shed for all the lost loved ones never becomes justified. The blood shed is change at its best. Blood shed is change no matter what you mind set.


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