Take Care Eggplant

You took care of me,

When I felt alone and forgotten.

You kept my secrets,

And comforted me when I cried.

Now I have to watch,

Watch you fallen and in pain.

You're incapable to say,

What is wrong, so I may take it away.

You've taken care of me,

Now it's my turn to take care of you.

To clean you, and move you,

Because you can no longer do it yourself.

I miss the little one I watched grow up,

And am proud of the old lady you've become.

Yes it is hard to watch your deterioration,

But I love you my darling little one.

I'm ready to let go, if it means peace for you,

You took care of me, and I'll take care of you.


This poem is about: 
My family



Eggplant is my bunny. She's old and sick. It will be my eulogy if she does die, but she's done so much for me so I am ready to let go of it means her piece. I love you bun!!!

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