You let your mind fall apart as your kindness labels you a nutjob.

“You sit with her at a table all alone because you feel pity for her.”

But you defend her when the words make her fall apart

You stay behind to be reassured she's fine

Hold her hand as she cries because 

there were times where you would sit in your bedroom and cry 

the whole night 

with no one by your side.

Be there for her to radiate happiness that will shine up your own life

Although at times it feels like you two are alone in this fight

Trust me there are others who suffer, and this isn't right

While bystanders turn a blind eye

You inspire the change you wish to see in this word to be alright

Others may look fine, but even the bullies feel empty inside.

So don't pay regards to their silly minds, your only crazy if you are one

Who turns a blind eye

This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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