Broken Wings


Although change upon myself would be lovely,
Although change to the faults of the world would be just,
Although change to the endless imperfections of society would be great,
All I want to do is change the time I had with you.

Not the time with my once upon a time lover,
Or the endless battles with daddy dearest,
but actually my baby sister,
who is no longer with us.

I desire- no,
the gift to turn back the years,
to fix my wrongs,
to change my time,
with my angel.

She was a ray of hope,
in dark times.
The first genuine laugh,
after months of depression.
But I,
I was cold.
Pushing away anyone,
Who tried to get too close.

To turn back time,
to change the events that lead to her death,
would be too much to ask.
Please let me change,
everytime I said go away.
Please let me change,
every no when she wanted asked me to play.
Oh please, please let me change,
the sad look on her face,
when she turned away,
with tears streamed down her face,
because I wouldnt say,
I'm her best friend.

Why couldn't I let you know,
let you hear,
that I'm your best friend.



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