Lack Luster

To look in the mirror and see something different,

I wonder if that’s the apple I’d pick.

To, just for a moment, be someone new,

Would that too bid me ado?

Time in,

Time out,

It comes all about,

But only for a bout,

To wreck the visage so fragile yet,

I wear as an armor so flimsily built.

Oh, how joyous it would be to stand on my own two feet,

Instead of leaning so heavily on the crutch I named fear.

That would be the day I conquer this feat,

And feature instead of leer…

I know she had wings once,

Magnificent in every stance.

I know she danced a bit,

And sang a little, too.

I remember when she had heart,

She always said that was a start,

But somewhere along the way,

Her mind, it began to sway.

She would fly so high,

I saw it myself,

But one day she reached too far,

Then fell from the stars.

I told her to try again,

To change the way she aimed,

But fear settled in,

She said she would fly no more.

She locked herself in a prison of sorts,

Wouldn’t allow anyone in,

The road to her castle growing dim,

Becoming unfit for even the roach himself to dine in.

Day in,

Day out,

A storm would rage all about,

Weakening the foundation with its bout.

I stood watch every night,

Dying at the very sight,

And still it crumbled slow,

As if to say I’m trying to hold on.

She was so strong,

The bravest of them all,

Now in the window she stands,

Leering with a lean…

Mirror, so eloquently placed,

Tell me what it is I’ve been missing.

You’ve stood in fear so long,

You’ve forgotten the first step,

Now you lack Change,

The fellow with the fleet foot.

Mirror, my dear friend,

Is that all?

If I could go back, I’d take the first step,

I’d change it all.

If I could change one thing, just one,

I’d erase the fear of failure, the fear to try again.


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