Comfort Zone

If this plae is a country, 

Then I am an emigrant

Standing, barely inside the walls. 


If this place is a ripple,

Then I am the outermost ring,

the outsider.


I see judgemental glances,

Hear awkward silence,

And I can feel them distant themselves from me.


I try to stand close to you, 

But you belong here; 

Where I do not. 


Corners are my refuge,

And places of space,

My safety. 


But I can't stay there.

I cannot spend eternity

Looking through the holes in the fence,

Wishing I was on the other side.


I have to engage. 

Climb the fence, jump in.


It's scary leaving the place I feel comfortable,

It's terryfing to seek out new worlds,

But it's worth it.


Not life that's worth living is spent

Standing barely inside the walls,

Or inside corners,

Or on the outermost ring of ripples.


Life is found where the drumbeat of your heart, 

Matches the drumbeat of your soul.


Life is not found in places dull, 

But in places were you're forced to reawaken.


Life is found when you leave your comfort zone,

When you step off a cliff, 

And discover you can fly.




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