They Don't Understand



They walk around scared and when we come near they give us odd stares

when really we should be the ones with fear

when the coppas roll around the gun us down outta no where

blood spilled on the ground another son or brother down

when we cry for help them politicians frown so what now?

We do what we can survival in the hood the burbs and in the country land

seems far stretched when evil is etched it their minds

and any thought of good is far fetched in their minds

it's like every second that pass by is another fast lie what are we doing?

Living just to die?

When will it be our turn to rise?

We've tried many times but the only ones who've risen are busy sinning

upheaval of the ghetto trap life was our beginnings

but why continue bringing up a struggle that we hate

its only turning the innocent into someone everyone of us can relate

another stereotype a product of your stereo hype

come on be honest I know you hated the ghetto life

and I know y'all are speaking from a far

cause I don't see y'all out here when there firing canon balls

but whatever I guess I may as well be speaking in tongues

because you artist won't listen to the problem you are  bringing along with them racist

it's been this way for a while but why bother say it in school

oh yea that's right you think I'm a fool 

And I'm only cool with the thugs and the fake suburban trappers

and decades after those thoughts never faded

but oh well I'm still on my escapade to escalate over the hating anyway

and what's that? I won't amount to anything?

We'll see how that goes when I'm president over this petty game



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