Where is the love?

Where is the love in this world so cold?

Has compassion died off with those who are old?

Has the ghost of the heart flown away?

Leaving behind this hateful decay.


How do I lend my warmth to the earth?

This world ever turning, the place of my birth.

How do I kiss life back to her core?

I’m afraid to say no one cares anymore.


Let us wrap her up in heartfelt care,

All of us have a compassionate soul to share.

Treat her with gentle touch, caring word.

A love so bold it has to be heard.


Let us walk together hand and hand,

Bound by a common love we shall stand.

A shared love for the earth, our mother,

A love for each other as sister and brother.


No more pain, no anguish, no hurt.

All the bad things, our love will subvert.

Together we can make the world anew,

But it starts with one, it starts with you.


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