Nessa's Perspective

All these issues in the world, don’t sugar coat it. I know you that you know this:

slavery was supposedly protected by the bible, I hope we grow from this! Separating families is legal only because of POTUS.

If, we don't stand up against this and oppose it then, we are mindless supporters of this evil and we don't even know it.


Racism, prejudice, this has to quit.

Inequality, policy, Congress is always split.


Change, rise, try.

You know, we can be the change we wish to see with our own eyes.

All we have to do is treat everyone with love, all of the same kind. You know we can’t do this all alone.

It’s a cooperative effort, but we as individuals must set the tone.

Paul, Wells, Stanton, Anthony, Stone. You know, they changed the game for women and made our struggle known.

They won suffrage for women and I still believe today that..."We can do it!"

Rosa Parks, Malcolm, and Martin. We know that they were only starting, a path of change that we can only continue to pave.

If we want our rights and people to be saved, we must continue to be brave.

Change is coming like when Jesus rose from the grave, on that third day.

We must continue to pray and make a way, attempting to be a true reflection of YAHWEH.

NRA, KKK, NSA, is this what we support in the USA?

Because the shootings, the killings, and the violations of privacy.

This is not what our founding fathers wanted at all, this is not what our nation should be at all.

Trump still fighting for the wall, I'm still wondering how our nation has yet to fall.


Remember, we can be the change we wish to see with our own eyes. We must continue to never give up our plight

We must continue to take flight, keep fighting for what we believe is right!


We know our nation is in poverty. No, not the people in the White House but, the people without a house, homeless

Broken and in despair.

You know, our leader Trump is anything but fair.

Immigration, familial separation, and racial segregation:

issues our nation and it’s people are still facing.

Not once in a while truly on a day-to-day basis.


We can be the change we wish to see with our own eyes.

We can be the change if we continue our fight.


This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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