Intrepid Revolutionary

Tue, 03/18/2014 - 10:49 -- mfjese

To be an inspiration is to elicit the action of another

With mere word, phrase, or way of life

How, then does one imprint him or herself and of what shape is the indentation?

Without hyperbole, I can declare that every being desires to be remembered

Whether it be in an adulating or abashing light


Along those lines…


The embodiment of inspiration need not be painted with the ink of a complicated word

Nor the dye of convoluted behavior

Inspiration is bred in the simplest of places

And is recognized in the most disregarded and shunned of hosts

Thus, inspiration would be located where you least expected it

If inspiration could be located at all


I understand that at this point you may be bewildered

Allow me to clarify:

If you seek to invigorate or induce a modification in another

You must (first) drive your stake- deep into the terrain

You, yourself cannot be shaken or stirred by the winds of influence

For the true motivating forces behind any decision is assuredness and authenticity


People prefer to observe the dauntless reality, as opposed to the timid facade

To see someone step out, as opposed to blend in

Because the crux of inspiration lies within you being yourself


And is it not work to be oneself?


In the midst of the ever-changing standards of society-

Imposed upon the youth of our nation

I vow to remain strong

I vow to remain myself

And to place God’s will above all else


See, if you never stand for anything, why ever do you bother to breathe?

As harsh as that may sound, for SOMETHING everyone bleeds

Whether it be of grandeur or whether it be called “quaint”

Don’t waste your life drawing at straws, ’cause believe me: I ain’t

My dream job is of such a lofty nature

That others will think I’m crazy

But hey, I’ve got to be me



And I intend to form an entertainment conglomerate

To combat the ills and wipe up the vomit

Provoked by the current system

Because I can’t turn a blind eye and look away

When the drugs and sex and bone-thin Photoshopped faces

Convince the kids that they don’t deserve to live another day


See, my dream is to rewrite the fates society has watered down and poisoned

To uplift the nation’s go-to sources of enjoyment

To show my fellow teens that life is not what’s portrayed on the screens

And that we are entitled to a whole new means

Of feeding

‘Cause what we put in is what we get out

And our entertainment is turning homes into whorehouses

So what say I inspire that change

That my Father impressed upon my brain


I await the opposition

Yea, I do await the enemy

But the forces of this world

Are no match for the Light that is within me

So herein lies my job, one and the same

To inspire my brothers and sisters to aspire to change


To achieve that is to be afflicted in a most positive manner

Because besides our service to others, what else matters?

It is imperative I do this before I go

For it will be a lamp unto my heart and a warmth unto my soul



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