Forgotten Song

She was jogging late one evening 
As every night she did 
Aware not of the treachery 
That falling darkness hid


Humming an old forgotten tune
That stuck inside her head
Her heart was sold on getting home
But fate had plans instead


In a second from behind her
A monster grasped her hair
He yanked her back and muffled her
Exposing skin so fair


She struggled as she tried to scream 
But he was just too strong 
And all that buzzed inside her mind:
An old forgotten song


He hit her hard, her body bruised
He clutched and crushed her breast
He asked a kiss and when refused
He stole away the rest


Her blood was chilled and cold as ice
Her heart was filled with fear
An old forgotten melody
Was playing in her ear


So gently down her waist he ran 
His fingers, eyes transfixed
He ripped away remaining cloth
With sick emotions mixed


She cried and cried as virgin slate
Was marked by demon hell
From deep inside she found her voice 
An old forgotten yell


This creature from the darkest pits
Invaded her with force
Stole away her innocence 

A stinging, lifeless source


Her shame was an inferno, but,
Her healers: God and time
Erased her past of pain and sang
An old forgotten chime




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