Rap or Crap


The rap game is constantly changing

Unfortunately, not for the better

Instead of making songs about positivity, morals, and goals

They're rapping about sex, cars, and  clothes

Not to mention, how to make the girls wetter


Where is the respect for women in these rhymes

Instead of exploring her body, explore her mind, be endowed with her thoughts

They want to rap about the kitty cat, pay attention to that pretty pink thing between her ears

Digest her intellectual conversation, make her feel like she has known you for years

Learn to appreciate women, don't desecrate their existence, all women aren't Thots


Where is the empowerment and positivity in these rhymes

Why we gotta talk about killing and shooting one another

Is this what we want people to listen to, No secrecy, kids now learn to read between the lines,

Instead, we should rap about inspiring and educating these young impressionable minds

Learn to appreciate life and care for others


The rap game is constantly changing

Hopefully, now for the better good

If it was up to me, I would make all rap songs about positivity, morals, and goals

Eliminate degrading and disrespectful songs about sex, women, and hoes

I just want to empower and inspire the kids in the hood, if I dont, who would!!



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