People are not clothes
To be cast off as the weather changes
Useful, needed even, but all together


The world works in wonderous ways
None of us truly understand
An age of ice, without warning warming into



Good people do bad things
And who are we to judge?
Holding them to our pompous moral codes
Our sense of right and wrong and only for as long
As we feel we have a right.
A right to take these people from what they know
And show them our way, our path to the light
And scream "I am your savior!"
As we feel the release and relief wash over us
Knowing that once again we have fought back against our own


I will not argue that change is good
But maybe we need this choking, dying, overfilled world
To show us how to love our planet
As we can learn to love each other
To grab every man as brother or mother,
To touch the lives of children everywhere and remind them of


If you're asking me,
I would not change a thing.


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