Life In Need of Change

I have encountered a knowledge that must be shared,

Spread it around the world it is a cure for despair,

A seed must be planted in this world full of tall tales,

We must cut out the lies that was woven in our hairs,

Everything was meant to change,

The world must know that we have to stare,                                                    

Stare deep within ourselves,

Deep within there are flares,

The match has found its spark,

Boom… Boom… Boom… the world was in the dark,

Surrounded by the hurt that was within,

Look a man wanted to show the world his hate,

His hate was put into action and there was no stop,

No one ever asked him about his thoughts or his heart,

All of a sudden it all came out and now there are people,

People who we loved now dead by the bullet of his gun,

The truth is here that man who’s anger and hate got out of hand,

He could be any one of us,

Our mom,

Our dad,

Our loved ones,

The son of man,  

No matter how much love was out in the beginning,

Things can change in an instant,

 It’s a fact of living,

Spread this message around,

The world’s hate has only begun,

If we want this poison out of the air,

We must Look within Ourselves and ask,

 What’s in there?

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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