Defeated Love

Well a lifetime slipped right on by
Underneath my wing
In the space between youth and it's timeless lies
A lifetime found its way ahead of me
One more time
I thought i'd outrun it
But it left me dumb and blind

And im no stranger to doubt, im no stranger
To anyone with a shadow hanging about

I tug relentlessly at paradoxical ways of questioning my faith
And my shot value of self

Painting W A R on the mirror in my own blood, battle myself and die hard each day as im dragged up

By these muscles in my shoulders, pull me up off, lift my weight
Reach my arms out toward the gods who I have surely grown to hate
Im so unchanging
Lost for naming
Starved for truth
Then left to blaming
So what is left is just a hell
A perfect home for an empty shell
Of what could have been
And of what once was
The lonely remnants of defeated love.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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