I'm Only Human..

In the moonlit darkness of my heart,

I see icy cold silhouettes of desolation;

Bleak figures concealed with masks flaming bright.

Phantoms dancing around those dead trees,

Frozen in their one final reach,

To leap off the ground.


Screams piece through to the bloody Moon,

Into a murky starless night,

Through cacophonic choruses,

Sunk deep in suffering.

The air tastes of metal and nostalgia,

Of steely resolve and putrid failure,

Of memory's degenerating corpse,

And life running its rotten course.


The eerie moonsong of midnight;

Rustles over the dry leaves,

Cut through the skin,

To the darkness beyond;

Beyond the expectant silence,

To the restless glimmer of a failing force.

A lonely moment of uninvited epiphany;

Breaking in the distant horses of light,

Into closer galloping sounds of gloom;

Brings the winds of change.


I hold my breath,

Refusing to breathe the change in.

The winds roar and rage,

The world melts into sizzling froth,

Of pretensions, anguish and empty looks.

I climb on to the fallen trees,

To escape the ever increasing puddle.

I notice a petite bubble of colours,

Drifiting around.

It held my gaze.

With a shrill, defeating screech,

The bubble burst, bled.


Gripping on to my fears,

I hold my breath.

The froth disappears,

I hold my breath.

The grounds violently shake,

I hold my breath.

The fallen trees rise and awake,

I hold my breath.

They let me fall,

I hold my breath.

I stand up tall,

I hold my breath.

The dawn breaks,

I hold my breath.

The sun, it manes shakes,

I hold my breath.



I see, a world reconciled;

A smile, unspoken and wild,

Enchanted, I breathe, I Ingold.

I'm only human,

How long can I hold?

This poem is about: 
Our world


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