Change is Overdue


I love going to class and learning all I do

But hear me out when I say that change is overdue

The seats are as hard as stone and make noises when I shift

The coldness hits my back as I sit in the rift

I suggest seats made with pure duck feathers

It will keep our behinds nice and warm with Italian leathers


I can see a point of argument that we’d become too comfy

But it’s guaranteed we won’t fall asleep if you give us coffee

With no excuse to snooze in class

Almost all students are surely going to pass


No offense to you, I don’t mean to rude

But the projects we do are so boring that a monkey could conclude

We need something more interesting then posters and power points

How about videos, songs, pyrotechnics, all of the above!

We might burn the school down but we’ll get an A Plus


To create these projects, I’m sure you would concur  

A lot more work would get done if you bought us our own computer

But it won’t cost you a dime, the school board would pay

And to reimburse them, we’ll bless them with our GPA


As you can see, school is no longer strictly grades

Because everyone knows that knowledge eventually fades

With age or poor choices it will ultimately come down to

How you were treated and how the learning affected you

With better conditions, the rest will fall into place

Grades will soar and no more will education be a race

Thanks for listening to my suggestions to you

I hope by now you will agree that change is overdue



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