Dear Society


Dear Society.

You say actions speak louder than words, That we should stand up for what we believe in and that we should practice what we preach. that we shouldnt backstab each other and dictate what others do. Well I’m calling you out. You say that I should be happy being who I am to my face but the moment my back is turned you mock me about my Ethnicity my religion, my sexual disposition, My Body build and my Mental State of mind. You are two faced and it makes me sick, You worry about feeding the poor overseas but forget about poverty here in our own country? What about all the people on the streets, Yeah the ones you ignore and hope will go away. Or how about the young  14 year girls who you told having sex was ok who are pregnant and you’ve shunned, Our societies so corrupt we are quick to have fun and forget about the consequences of our actions. Rape is Rape no matter what sex or gender the victim is no matter the length of the skirt or how much you think they are asking for it. The media and Society shame victims everyday making them feel they deserved it? How can you say be who you want to be yet on tv and  magazines Girls are told to that to be beautiful they have to be sickishly thin? Or men have to Be all muscles and brawn then show no emotions as it’s a womanly thing to do? You wonder why things are so gloomy? The answers staring you blank in the face. Its you and your friends and our Governments too.  Our laws say bullying’s wrong yet in every society its still going strong. How many young people have to die before you open your eyes? Stop looking at the profits you make and look at the young minds you have the power to shape? New Innovators, and New World Leaders are soon to emerge? Do you want things to get better or still keep being ground in the dirt? Change can take time but I’m urging you to think do you really want the next generation just saying YOLO and Swag or do you want to be proud of the generations to come knowing the process of healing has begun? Its starts with one simple thing to do, Treat others with kindness and pay that kindness forward instead of the loner  whos heart is cold and full of dread. I hope you've heard what ive said.

Sincerly Yours

A Concerned Generation

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