I died a million times

I died a million times 

That day packed with so many

Pairs of eyes that it dazzled 

When I swallowed so much water

That I’ll never go thirsty again

Where arms became legs and hands

Were grabbing anything or anyone

Trying to hold on to dear life


I died a million times

When I lost your face

I thought you were there

Right there beside me

Telling me to stay calm

Making sure that I would reach 

The white hands that 

Appeared out of nowhere

Trying to save the unsaveable 

Unsolvable mess that 

left so many eyes closing


Too soon it was too soon this

Wasn’t supposed to happen

You promised your mama

That you’d make it somehow

Now I’m left belly burning

Raising your dreams all alone

In this land- this promised land 

That was always supposed

To be yours 


I died a million times that day

And I will die a million more




This poem is about: 
Our world


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