The Invitation

You are the greatest secret

kept from yourself.

It is in hiding your Light

that you become lost.

It is in resisting the moment,

when the trap between yesterday and tomorrow 

catches you.


Sweet one, go to the mirror and look, really look.

The depths of all of humanity are patiently waiting to be seen.

It’s right there, just beneath the surface of 

your stories, your worries, and 

your lies.


You were always right there, 

eagerly hoping for the door to open;

not realizing it is you who pockets the key.

The invitation is here.

Will you accept?


Will you come to the edge of your soul 

and jump through your golden eyes

into right Now?

Unifying with the Beloved

while revealing the secret of You

to the world you have feared and distrusted.


Reuniting for the first time

with the warmth and love

you offer to your

dearest friend.


This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world
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What a nice decent ( and/ or indecent) proposition! 

If it belong to my love, the answer is YES...

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