Baneful Tides


The human world is a mess,

A Disney quote one might know,

So many problems we need to address,

To end the pain and stop the woe.


There’s isms galore constantly around us,

Discrimination has become normalized,

We are told to accept it as thus,

We are told to just close our eyes.


It is time for a change,

An overthrow of norms,

It’s time for to make the world our stage,

And must approach this in swarms.


There is right and wrong,

There is love and hate,

There is a painful song,

There is so much horror to date.


End the racism and sexism,

End the bigotry,

End the homophobia and transphobia,

End the hate.


We must learn how to love,

We must change the baneful tides,

We must look outside and above,

We must stop choosing sides.


It is time for a change.

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