What If


United States
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What if everything was different? What if I wasn't gifted?
What if I just gave up on my dream and never tried to live it?
What if I'd paid attention? What if there was no addiction?
What if my uncle wasn't sittin' in that fuckin' prison?

What if things stayed the same? No change...
What if my dad never hit the crack cocaine?
What it my momma stayed with him through the dope game?
What if she was on it too and I was born with no brain?

What if every word you heard was a pack of lies?
What if I just gave up wtitin' this and started cryin'?
What if there was no crime? What if sun never shined?
What if there was no time? What if people didn't die?

What if there was no rap, what if there was no beats?
What if I was just talkin', would you feel me?
What if there was no sleep, no one ever had a dream?
Most importantly, what if there was world peace?


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