Afraid of Change

The days that go by

Day in and day out.

My words would cry

Don’t hurt me, don’t shout.

The loudness of everyone roars in my tiny little ears,

 Where I want to hear silence

And my mind to be clear.

At least that’s what it appears to be,

The world full of noise and people who criticize me.

The way I talk,

The way that I walk,

The way that I play,

The way I don’t say,

A word.

A simple word like hi or hello,

Or creating a conversation.

A challenge to be mellow,

To experience the sensation

The chance to live a “normal” life.

But a “normal” life to me

Is to be myself and be who I want to be

Chase dreams, sight see, be me.

But who am I?

I am just another boy, a man that has hard times to understand,

Communicate, talk, and even be with others to hold hands

The sounds all around me are far too much

I would like it to be silent

Nothing, maybe a hush

I am who I am and I am loved everyday

Life moves forward

All I want to do is stay.

Stay the same

Stay in the same place

Stay doing the same things

Stay with the ones I love.

I am afraid of change

What will happen, what will come next?

Where will I go, Who will I project

My love, my hate, my sadness, my frustration

I need someone to help me as things change,

I am not a baby no more, my life rearranged.

When I get older, I wish that all things remained the same.



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