The dark void inside me

Sun, 12/06/2015 - 19:32 -- jarias



There is a dark hole, thats been growing for a while.

Where there was once light, is now dark, with no desire.

Day by day my body aches, causing the hole to deepen.

Is it sadness, is it fear, it is a void that will not be filled.

I am trapped in burned down mansions, cigarette ashes, and lipstick stain napkins. 

I am standing drenched in open wounds, this hole is deep, what can I do?

There is medicine to cure my pain, it never last the hole gets deeper. 

You took my hand to pull me through, the hole pushed me back

swallowing me whole. I am held prisoner in this hole, I scream and cry.

It echoes through the vacant room, where my young soul still resides.

The hole is dark and freezing cold, it makes you feel all alone.

Oh how I wish to feel not this pain, buried in this hole is not the way. 

I think of hope, and happy things.

I feel the light pierce my skin,

it is you once again pulling with all your might.

And once the light gave me strength, I scream,

I can make it to the sunrise! 

I can make it to the sunrise!

And never ever see the hole again. 




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