We Need Help

Today’s a new era, a very extreme era.
Society today, well, it could be better.
Influence today is disgustingly vulgar, 
Such bad things like sex, drugs, and murder. 
As children today, this is all we see
From music, even books, and things on TV.
Kids hate school, we just wanna’ have fun and party. 
Have sex, hit a joint, that’s not living morally! 
They think it’s cool, they think it’s fun. 
Is it really that awesome to tote a gun?
Rappers say shoot, now that’s what we do.
 Sex is great right? 
Yea, they say that to.
It’s all fun and games till someone gets hurt.
A baby on the way to a bullet in a shirt.
Crazy how things are in society today,
Just that stupid influence working away.
Activities today lead straight to jail.
Teen mothers and welfare, 
Seriously we need help!
What happened to education being a great thing?
Growing up living lavish?
You know, living lovely?
There once was a time we fought to attend school.
Trying hard to make it, 
To show off what we can do.
I guess there’s still a few with their heads on straight.
Not affected by this influence,
Yea, they’ll make it. 
Now for those others out there,
Like most of our generation,
Get your heads on straight.
Make getting “up there” a sensation.
Don’t listen to the influence! 
Put your guards up.
Have fun when you’re out but keep yourself tough.
It’s okay to have fun, 
Do your thing kid.
Just take the precautions, 
You’ll be happy you did.


Need to talk?

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