As I grow up I’m loved

My parents always sweet

My world a treat

Never facing much feats 

Then there were people I happened to meet 

Facing ruthless guarantees

Yells and screams from parents 

Abuse that never fades

Each day cutting them like razor blades

Pain and never ending rain 

The storm never ended

Their once optimistic selves weren't the same 

They were pawns in a vicious game 

I wasn't sure what to do

I felt powerless as they were drowning in a sea of abyss 

That’s when I realized

The potential of beautiful fates don’t have to subside

I wanted to help

I started to look

What could I do?
How could I make it better for them?

I learned about child advocacy

I also realized not everyone is as lucky as me

I wanted to set them free

Free from cycles of abuse

Free from the storming sky 

And free from the shameful lies 


Child advocacy 

Social work 

All to help protect children

Ensure they’re loved,


Tears cleared and fears gone

They would finally be able to freely sing songs 

“Hallelujah” they'd say 

They'd finally pave their way

Live the life they want 

That's what inspires me

Helping others 

Being a guide 

Knowing i can help others take strides 

Someone who walks them through the dead of night 

Into everlasting light 

Free from scarring constraints 

Giving deprived children the lives that they deserve

Making sure their voices are heard
Finally feeling free...

That’s Advocacy.


This poem is about: 
Our world


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