It’s the beginning

Born the same, life is simple

Why would there be hate?

But the winds change

Clouds turn black with jealousy

And the cold descends

Eyes stare with hatred

Darkness thrives in all their hearts

They want to cause pain

They rip at her hopes

Her dreams crushed beneath their feet

They taunt her darkness

She is so very scared

She does not want to give in.

She wants to be strong.

 But how can she be?

When she is alone and scared?

Ready to give up….

But warmth and light heal

Her heart and absorb her tears

Reassuring, love.

Get up, dry your face

Never give into the dark

We are here for you

Stand up, love, and stretch

We will heal those broken wings

It’s your turn to fly.

Change will always come.

Good things will always take time.



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