Rap #3 Backseat freestyle beat

i live to be ill, for the thrill, keep it trill

and if you walk into my house I'll be sending you a bill

i dont need no money, but i get it tho

i don't complain, it's insane, the way im stackin doe

Do i sound boastful when i'm sendin drugs in postal

sprayin my plants to make sure they grow

addicted to gettin lifted, i can becasue i'm gifted

and if you think that im wrong i guess you haven't listened

Im im up there with the gooses, i mean mooses, fuck excuses

my grammar is great i just choose to misuse it

Earl taught me what I know bout complex rhymes

but his nigga Tyler's the one who I gave all my time

holy grail is Hive, thats what i strive every damn day to be just like






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