Change A Child


If I could change something 

what would I do?

Would I make a new building

or create a zoo?

No I would change something more important

The life of a child

One who is unspoken

I would save his life from a doctor's hands

I would carry him home in my own two hands

I would show him the world 

and the beauty within

But I wouldn't forget the evil that spins

A evil web full of lies and hate

He will never see it

For it will change his fate

I have been there

Caught in the web

The terrible mass of depression and dispare

And so I will keep him far away

So that it will never touch him in any way

I will make sure that bullies never hurt him

I will show him a love that is never forsaken

But someday I will notice a change

I will look at his wrists and cry out in pain

I beg him to stop and tell him a story

Of the scars that cover me and all my body

And he will stop for he sees me cry

And life will go on as it before that

Now he will grow up and become a young man

I will teach him of women

And then of romance

He will find a young girl

One that suits him well

They soon will get married

And my life will be merry

For I will know that my goal is complete

To change a young lad from a world so bleak

And now my dear reader what will you change

The world that we live in that is so strange

So farewell my dear one

I hope you injoyed

This little tale of my young one and I


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