Stop Judging


I am a bird, unnoticed but free
That soars in the sky in radiant glee
I watch from above, watch the people go by
I try not to care, I try not to cry
I try to ignore the things that they say
The things that they think, as they go on their way
The less things I notice, the less will I hear
The less pain I'll suffer, the less will I care
I'm deaf to the insults
I'm deaf to the jokes
I won't even hear the hurtful remarks
I watch from above, and I see it again
I see that people are happiest when
They stop judging each other and look deep inside
To see the real person that is way out of sight
Who hid behind layers of bulletproof glass
To keep himself safe, to heal from the pain
To wait for the person who'll finally care,
Care enought to notice the real me that's inside
Who won't judge by my looks
Who won't judge by my acts
Who will know me as me - not as somebody else
As each person stops judging
The world slowly heals
Instead of the gloom
It suddenly beams
There are smiles on faces passing me by
Their thoughts are like halos
With no judgement in sight
If people stopped judging 
Each other, each day
The world would become a happier place. 

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