Car Ride


Car Ride

By- Jacqueline Lantsman



The pump, silver with a logo, feeds the automobile

For the long insignificant slideshow, defined as "nature"

At times representing no contour, rather a blur portrayed through the acceleration forced by the man

The globe working on innovation, promoting speed, the blur, the insignificance

The glass separating one from the inspiration, danger, life- tinted from the radiance, portrays the interaction of society and nature- the disregard, the loss

Machinery, business? No. Instead the pondering of the corn, the trees, the complexity of interaction, life- outweighed by the developing world

The oblique characteristics, overshadowed


Tumbling into the front seat, Starbucks one hand, Iphone the other, vibrant backpack of artificial colors the shoulders

First communication requests the radio- request known rather as a demand- thus contributing to silence that would take place throughout the long car ride

Eyes out of the window, beats "blasting" the eardrums, bobbing head to the significance music has taken on in society

There goes to tree, a blur, green, with the continues music blasting, coffee devouring, Iphone contacting five other followers of society  

There goes metaphorical substance, the comfort, the life granted to depending species, overshadowed by fast, innovative, appetizing, society, passing by the window


A dull imaginative world would mean, a book one hand, nothing other, an old pouch passed down from generation to generation

A walk, with parents, short distance home

Grasping the smell, clean, fresh, old but new

Cracks in branches, mountains on the trunk, veins of the leafs- nature, life

Understood entangled roots, life intertwined, homes made, bugs depending on minerals, nutrients, nature

Footprint after footprint, human and non, dirt beneath the ground, the shoes, outline after outline, the intertwined, society and nature, but appreciated, absorbed

Social quiet, not caused by blasting music, rather by nature, the crumble of leaves, the movement of the dirt, the flow of the wind, the simple but complicated, the visual but metaphorical, beneath the feet, surrounding one, who is breaking the flow of society


Dull imaginative, the past, absorbs

The social speed, innovation, abundance, restricts the complexity, metaphorical substance of nature

just like the car ride


Guide that inspired this poem: 


Cynthia Martin

To Jacqueline Landsman:

I am an environmental artist in Santa Barbara preparing for a solo exhibition, and I would love to print your poem "Car Ride" on a hand-out.  It perfectly fits in with the theme of my show, which is called "The Passing Landscape."

You can see some of the paintings I plan to display at the website under my name.  Please leave a reply on the Power Poetry site.


Cynthia Martin



Hello Cynthia,

Absolutely, please use my poem on the hand-out, however make sure to credit me, Jacqueline Lantsman. I am unable to see the link to your site, can you please re-attach it? Please let me know if you have any questions. Best Regards,Jacqueline Lantsman

Cynthia Martin

To Jacqueline Lantsman,

Thank you so much for the permission to use your poem in a handout for my art exhibition!  Sorry to have misspelled your name—it will definitely be spelled correctly for the event, and you will be given full credit!  They would not let me leave a link to my website here, but if you go to Cynthia Martin Paintings, you can find it.

Sincerely, Cynthia Martin 

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