We look in each others’ eyes,


we don’t seem to realize—

strip the details and what remains?

we are the same.


Society is machinery,

and we all have our place,

our minds are wired


in order to make for a more enthralling place.


and so as the story goes,

as humanity as always done,

we pin ourselves against one another,

Justify the damage we’ve done;

do we see their eyes?


None of us are so different

then we believe,

strip us down

and we’re actually fighting for the same thing,



their throats are raw,

with their screams to be accepted,

for their beliefs to be instilled

in each and every individual.

our minds—they’re wired differently.

look at your neighbor,

and forget about the details,

it’s the objectives that matter,

what do they want to achieve?

Freedom. Acceptance. To do as they please.


Like you.






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