A group of artists
have arrived into this city–
an Unreal City.

Since ages
we had dreamt of a Real City.
And now
these artists have promised it for us.

In the Unreal City
the sun and the moon,
the sky and the earth,
the humans and the birds,
the trees and the turfs,
all exist
without our knowing they exist.

Because we lived in an Unreal City
we never bothered to know that they ever existed.

We have our big dreams,
and these artists have a big responsibility!
They’ve promised–
a new sun,
a new moon,
and of course, a new land.
A perfect city!

We are now in the becoming of a Real City.
And the artists are busy undoing the scaffoldings of the Unreal City.
They are experimenting with colours;
They are experimenting with words and the musical notes.
So, things are in mess.
Confusion prevails,
and we sometimes unwisely doubt things.
But they explain it for us–
it's a transition!
They want to reassure us.
Poor creatures!
We do everything to prove that we’re reassured.
We are told
Our questioning disrupts the transformation of our place into a Real City.
So, we silently choose to accept our own defacement–
Witness of our own metamorphosis!


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