Accept Me

My race, the color of my skin shouldn't affect how you view me
What you should be looking at is that which you cannot see
I have a heart and it pumps blood the same color as yours
I shouldn't be discriminated against every time I walk outdoors
What year are we in? I thought we would be passed this
I guess you didn't get the memo, it wasn't something you should miss
I am so much more than a category, you can't put me inside this bubble
Yeah I may be black but no I don't get into any trouble
I am me! I am free! I have my own will! I am my own person
Because you cannot accept this, you cannot accept me and things worsen
You may say you're not prejudice, or racist though  I see that look in your eyes
I can tell, I know when everything  you're telling me is all lies
I hold it in, I may look calm and collective on the outside
Inside I've already cried, I've already died one thousand times
The pain,  the hurt you're putting me through is like going through  hell
That hate you have in your soul, it consumes you, it is your holding cell
How do you change the world from within
I'm here to tell you now my existence is not a sin
Accept me!

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