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People want to make you feel down.
They want to cause an embarrassment for yourself.
Lookin' like trash.
Make a pose.
A flash with confidence.
Don't get ahead of yourself
Where pride comes into play.

Put the past behind.
And close your eyes one more time.
And hope for the best.
Promise you, things won't get any better.
Just have a little faith.
And believe you are able to do this.

You were criticized to the bone.
All signs of imperfections
was a crime for others.
They said put your hands up.
So you surrender.

Let me tell you.
Don't just give up.
Don't believe what they have to say.
Make a move in an instant because the time is now.
Be you.
And stay you.
Because there's no one out there like you.

Put on those shoes
And lets go.
Let's go because the time is now.

The world is waiting for you to make the effort.
And that's what life is all about.
When you feel its been forever.
Let's have a little patience.
Because things wont happen in a day or two.

There are challenges you must face
So, lets try.
Even if failure is in every corner.
Put that frown upside down and just give it a try.
A try is worth the shot,
it shows great character.

Sure life will throw back some failures for you.
There's that limit of success.
So don't think its the end of the world.
Be passionate for what you truly believe in.
It will come a long way.
Stay strong till the end and that's the true essence of never giving up.

Be the change.
Be the leader.
Because the time is now.


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