Sat, 09/28/2019 - 23:02 -- msjnaa

I’m not really much of a poet

But know I can talk about a lot of crooked mess

Cuz u never know what you’re really capable of

Until you’re put thru the right test. 

See where I come from we go thru a lot of stuff

Just to be told to hush 

Don’t even get me started talking about minorities

Cuz then ppl really ain’t gone give a crud

But that’s okay you see it all the time 

In the movies and in the music

Hate on hate crimes and another brother misusing 

Why people wanna dramatize our lives so much

Lie we dnt got a lot goin on already 

Oh I get it they love to see that black drama

Sumthin for they entertainment 

But tell me here right now when they gone start showing the love

Me and all my brother and sisters going to college so we can try to rise above

But ain’t nobody talking about that, all they know is the stereotypes 

The only know bout the ghetto baby moms using the govts money to get sum like idk, baby wipes

Dude I swear they dnt wanna see us prosper 

No matter how hard we try 

Why u think these white cops killing the black guys on the street thinking that that mess is justified 

Oh he ran up on me, he tried to assault me

Nigga u got a gun

U think black folks really gone put themselves in the position to try to get on y’all nerves just to get killed for fun 

Man I dnt wanna hear it, not none of tht bullcocky they tryna feed me 

What I really wanna hear is what the govt got to say about it 

And how their polices’ work is done so effectively   

And don’t take these as I dnt like white ppl

I ddnt say that

I jst wanna know what their phobia is against us blacks

Is it jst because we look different and our culture isn’t the same 

Or are they jst tired of life’s problems and wanna look to give us the blame 

I can’t tell the different nowadays 

And it’s gone take a lot to prove me otherwise 

I’m just tired of being looked down at all the time and feeling like I’m despised 

I just wanna be apart of a world where everyone gets along 

I want tht real brother and sister relationship 

Where you’re actually loved and feel like u belong 

I’m not gonna lie, I do but I dnt see color 

And let me quickly explain that before u go start assuming one thing for another 

I see color because I recognize colored injustices 

White folks wouldn’t begin to understand bcuz they haven’t been in the same predicaments like us 

You ever hear someone saying that white woman are ghetto 

But I know u do hear it about black woman with attitudes

And how they need to jst let whatever animosity they got go 

Or what about white males, u dnt hear too often how a lot are dead beat dads

You hear about the ones who get pretty wives and join the military so that their kids can be army brats

I could go on and on about the different racial slurs on black folks

But if I do that it’s gonna he enough to last until I eventually croak

Now here’s a reason why I don’t see color, historically and theoretically 

If God made us all to be different and love one another then why are we treating his plan for us so disrespectfully 

He mentioned in the Bible that it wasn’t up to man to event direct his own step 

So who is anyone to try to put someone else down when we all seriously need his help 

They say if u need help go see a therapist or a doctor

They ain’t gone do nun but help my physically body

But we need that deep spiritual massaging 

You gotta admit tho, if we all let God give us a little TLC 

Then maybe then the world would be better cuz then it’d be me=we

United we would stand and together we’d be strong 

But we can’t even fix the one on one relationships we got 

We dnt have good bonds 

But seriously man we need to do better for our children sake

Jesus didn’t get up and die for us for nothing on that torture stake 

So please man, do not hesitate before it all becomes too late. 

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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