How backwards can an unbackwards society be?

When the gesture of kneeling demands to be heard

And the rainbows in the sky earned their own parades,

People are excited to check name boxes on paper,

While goddesses of the workplace are finally being praised


When peace means sometimes saying nothing,

And we’re drawn to save lives from ones already lost,

When even weapons couldn’t shield the masks of deeper issues,

And names of survivors are now being embossed


When women are believed for their accounts,

And manly manicures could be donned,

When past generations are tied with the new,

And freedom’s a word of which we’d all grown fond


And those who have marched have not yet grown weary,

While those who stay put, with their voices have fought

Society is now slowly awakening

From its drunken trances sobriety forgot


And who are we to stop its progression

As peace and love aids its recovery call

Oppression and ignorance continue to intoxicate

Though we see a backwards society isn’t backwards at all


The new 20’s will be filled with champagne and promise

And we have yet wait to see what’s in store,

The new decade rings for more backward things to come

But oh, how the people, our people, will roar



This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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