Tue, 08/06/2013 - 16:09 -- SharonR


When it comes to change,it's intimidating and scarybut ultimately necessary. Without change, we do not grow and prosper.We don't see placesor meet new people. Without change,we are unable to look back and see firsthand,the progress that has been madephysically and emotionally. We fear change,we fear moving on.Moving on allows closure,but requires forgetting.Forgetting the pain and the liesthat once trembled through our mindand engulfed our soul. But we must move onand we must see placesand meet those new peopleand pick ourselves up.Even if it seems like the most difficult thing to do.Because in that moment,that very moment when you're over thinkingand regrettingand asking yourself "what if?",you're already hindering yourselffrom allowing changeto take place. 



I agree with this poem. I guess I agree because I've fallen into the trap of wondering "What if?". For me, it's an easy trap to fall in because life is filled with negative people. I hope that, with time, I rise above the negativity that surrounds me.

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