Life As A Kid

The kids of the future

Havin fun, laughing away

Don't know a single damn thing in the world

Crys and have someone to hold them

Grow to become man or into woman

So basic minded!

Growing as they find highlights

Making Choices, from wrong into right

But what's right?

A choice that a another person decides my way is correct!?

What the Hell!

What the Heck!

Irrating like a bird who just peck, peck, peck, Enough!

We are all corrupt by the system, aint it hard enough!

But no, because of my background, color, income, clothes I wear, my face, personality.

To me though, there ain't no reality.

Because that reality will always change.

To see the Government change it everyday, is it okay?!

Holding it inside cramp?

Do you see how we are living!

Man I wish I was a kid running, smiling, never knowing, not.. giving a damn!

Hard to see

But I choose who, and what I'm going to be.


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