Soundtrack of my Life

Fri, 07/01/2016 - 10:36 -- cfriese

When it rains, it pours

- I never understood the meaning before.

A few months ago when embarking on an Adventure of a Lifetime,

I figured it out on night two of nine.

Surely enough, you can Take it From Me,

heartbreak in a foreign country is as rough as can be.

My Spirits were rather low for the rest of the trip;

however, good friends prevented me from taking an emotional dip.

Conversations during the day kept my mind busy;

however, pen and paper prevented me from becoming mentally dizzy.

In the Emerald Isle, it was like Walking on a Dream,

but Jealousy infused me, driving my urge to leave the scene.

A Riptide of confusion pulled me under

she so quickly replaced me, it’s no wonder.

A plane Ride home was supposed to cure my woes.

I knew I’d Be Okay but of course, that’s just not how life goes.

First thing I saw was a bit of bad news:

my Memere battled cancer and was going to lose.

Three weeks later she’s gone without another word to exchange,

and I can’t help but wonder what the hell caused this change.

Now I sit Stressed Out thinking about why

the best time in my life has gone so awry.

With time, I’ve realized it’s Mind over Matter

and I’ll have to Let it All Go if I don’t want my sanity to shatter.

Lucky for me, I had one friend above the rest.

Poetry will always be there, no matter what test.

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