Turn Around to Make it Count


Illness and diseases...

Hurt and suffering...

Abuse and murders.

They, and more, keep happening.

Every day and everywhere.


We can try to avoid it

but we certainly cannot go too far

because we see it on the news,

we see it in our own backyards.


But why?! Why does this have to happen?

How could a great and good God allow all this to happen?

There are cold babies on the streets,

massive killings.

Disasters here and there,

poverty everywhere.

Is this really God's fault?



He gives us free will,

and sadly we are the ones with the filth.

He gives us a choice,

He made us with a voice.


We can sit here in doubt, hopeless and broken.

We can even run away, selfish

and ignoring the fact that we are making this world worse.

Though we are the blame,

there is the opportunity for change.


Take these negatives and turn them into positives.

Homeless, abandoned, cancer, or death,

they break our hearts to the point we cannot rest.

But man, they fill us with compassion,

move us to love,

they aid us to remember the Big Guy above.


Stop pointing fingers.

Stand up and achieve

the things we brought up, but we are now going to defeat.

And don't ever give up

because "you only live once"

And know there is Someone that loves us, so that no one can be against us.



Need to talk?

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