Unexpected Hurdles

A split second, a minute, an hour

so much changin’ that's not in our power

cannon balls thrown at us

unexpected one could just cus


a straight path gone windy so sudden

a left turn, a right turn, a cut in

our lives so simple and sweet

till crash, bring on the heat


try not to trip over that stone

couldn't see it comin or goin

quick jump before you fall flat on your face

in a tumble, they try to get out in a haste


but the first hurdle isn’t the last

they keep comin and the more that you pass

they get higher and harder to jump

and sometimes on the floor you'll slump


down and defeated you'll feel

a big punch, on your knees you'll keel

a blue and black eye as the prize

until you swat away the flies


and reach for that cleared path again

follow in  what you believe in

soon enough silver linings will come in

it’ll last till the next run in

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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