Look at me behind my mask
Look and see who I really am
If looking could be made more than a task
You’d see the mask was all a sham
I built a wall and so did you
We hid across the way
And we did all that we could do
To keep our eyes at bay
My eyes grew tired of looking at walls
My arms grew weary of shielding my face
I dropped my shield and bared it all
I drew society’s gaze
Ridicule for who I really was
Or for who I was seen to be
But if seeing is believing
Then I am to them whomever they see
If they see another boy
If I seem as all the rest
Then I’ve become a decoy
I have not impressed
I’ve allowed for others to be great
I’ve sheltered what was unique
I have concealed my personal fate
I have refrained to speak
But if I speak with words anew
And change the way I act
Perhaps I’ll alter society’s view
And break society’s pact
I’ll be different than the rest
I’ll tell the truth to you
I will fail society’s test
And maybe society will follow suit
It’s time to change reality
It’s time to shake the sham
It’s time to stop being who I’m supposed to be
And start being who I am


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