Forbidden Fruit

Fri, 09/13/2013 - 12:28 -- smikuta


Why hello there little boy
What can I do for you
A heaping serving of knowledge you say?
Well isn’t that cute

Yes, here at the library
There is plenty of knowledge to go around
We have tons of books just waiting to be picked up
Each with their own story, their own tale
Whether fiction or nonfiction
Each book is supposed to teach you something 

But knowledge comes at a price
For every bit of knowledge gained
A small bit of innocence is lost
As we absolve our curiosity
And increase our understanding

But this is not necessarily the case
Because knowledge is different than wisdom
Wisdom can only come through experience

So you may frolic through the halls
Searching for a good story
But understand that there is a reason
Why zombies roam the library

Animated corpses and demons
Ghosts and ghouls
All evil souls waiting for an opportunity
To provide temptation

To you, the little child
The classic Faustian character
Wanting to know more than you can possibly understand

Whether it grows to the point of selling your soul
Or you simply fall like the tragic Eve
Once you open your eyes to the light
You can never turn away
You will never unsee

The poison that runs through these shelves
Creeps down the side like acid
Corroding the wooden homes of these books
Dripping onto your tongue

Corrupting your words
Which affect your behavior
Which influence your environment
And taint your sanity

Your eyes will be glued to the pages
Taking in the words like a river flows through a dam
As the information pours into your consciousness
Filling the flood gates until they burst
And you suddenly stop and realize

You have seen the almighty message of God
You understand everything now
The universe in all its chaos makes complete sense

You stand in your victorious triumph
And shout bravely to the gods
“How beauteous mankind is! O brave new world!”
And it echoes throughout the library

But as Miranda thinks she has seen the light
You truly believe you have conquered understanding
But as you’re inhaling information
You fail to exhale and look around you

The world is falling apart
Tensions are running high
People are going mad
Safety and security are becoming a thing of the past

Fire is raining from the sky
Radiation pours onto our cities
Death creeps into our civilizations
Erasing all essence of life from the face of the Earth

And you remain completely blind
Unaware and unphased
By the destruction of the human race

The only moment you take to pause your filthy ingestion
Is a short vibration of the library
Everything shakes for a moment
And then promptly returns to tranquility
You look up from your book and curiously state

“By the pricking of my thumbs
Something wicked this way comes”
But after looking around at nothing in particular
You return to your meal like a ravage beast
And continue to gorge on the words on the page

And then the flash arrives
And then the wave washes over
And then there is nothing
But total silence

So I hope you have a fun time here at the library



I love the imagery and the concept! The difference between knowledge and wisdom, that one does not give you the other and it is only within your own power to pay attention to the world. Knowledge can be liberating, but it can also bring you down. That you can't unknow things, and that along with knowledge and wisdom you lose a little bit of the blissful ignorance of not knowing all that is wrong. I would argue that knowing about those things suddenly gives you a responsibility to do something about them also. The poem itself doesn't quite flow in the second stanza, but the rest of it seems pretty good. And the first stanza definitely drew my attention in!

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