A Note to Self


Looking in those dilated pupils,
I fell in, all the way down her underwater abyss
This place radiates beauty still.
It can't get any better than this.
The mixture of blues & purples & greens.
I swam and swam to a part unseen.
So dark, but so serene.

Where is she?
I tread through her waters for just a bit longer
There, I see a light and continue to stare
I recognize her beauty shines stronger than the last time we met in her despair
She comes near and I see pain in her eyes
Looks as if there were
Too many lies
Too many cries
Too many sighs
Too many goodbyes

Concerned, I asked what's wrong
She turns, quickly, and flees the other way
But catching up didn't take too long
She cracked with pain

and out the words they came:

"I want to be words said in a vow
I want to be a baby who doesn't make a sound
I want to be the ring on a wedding finger
I want to be a song that doesn't linger
I want to be a line with no wait
I want to be Philippians 4 verse 8
I want to be a front row seat
I want to be the taste of something sweet
I want to be the Star Wars Series
I want to be a discovered species
I want to be the face of a newborn puppy
I want to be a slot machine that’s lucky
I want to be a bird flying through the sky
I want to be stars glowing in the night
I want to be a smile that is real, not fake
I want to be the waterfall into a lake
I want to shine brighter than Sirius A
I want to be water on a summer day
I want to be an umbrella when it rains
I want to be the girl that saves the day"

I looked at her with disbelief

Surprised at her failing self esteem  
Now, with assurance, it was my turn to speak:

"You are the locket with memories inside
You are the one who can not hide
You are the colorful beauty in a firework
You are the flower that grows from the dirt
You are the feeling of a first kiss
You are the arrow that cannot miss
You are the sound of a baby's laughter
You are the legs pushed to run faster
You are the eyes of someone's true love
You are the planets that exist up above
You are the plants, the flowers, the trees
You are the one who has the key
You are the child in an elder's heart
You are the parents who were there from the start
You are another gorgeous, promised day
You hold the light that guides the way"

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