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By Lynisha Arceus
I lay on his chest
He holds me throughout the night
Husband and wife you can say
But empty ring fingers
We still haven't set the date
I cook and clean for him
He buys me things
No wedding bells ringing
Just alarm clocks to wake us up
And remind us that this is just a fling
He belongs to someone else
And So do I
But every night we play pretend
I act as his wife
And he acts as my husband
In matrimony
On that queen size mattress
But when the clock ticks
That time hits
When we come to the last line in the strip
The last kiss
I wish he could be mine
But he belongs to another chick
I got to keep that in mind
And say my good byes
Until next time
Cause in my world of pretend
He will be all mine aging.


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