The Nature In New Mexico That Inspired Change

Living life without a careDon't even worry about my hairHomesickness snakes throughout my skinBut every day is a win As a person, I have grownMore than I could ever have knownI have become braverEvery day I feel less a stranger I pass landscapes full of greenI've noticed people can be meanAlthough it's hard, sometimes tough,The mother loves me enough In these past few weeksI have become free from the grip that was squeezing meI sometimes feel like a birdHow my every call can be heardI have a young and old familyThat would never abandon me I feel small But also tallWhen I look at the skySometimes I cry I am connectedTo the mother that protectedTo the wind that blowsTo the land that's slowTo the trees that shakeAnd to the molecules that makeTo the land that could harm meBut chooses to charm me I am at peaceWhen I look aroundAt all that surroundsI don't even care about my looksJust what's in nature's booksWaiting to be discoveredLonging to be uncovered No more mean girls With their poofy curlsJust me;Alone and free You might think I'm sad,But I am forever gladThat I had succumbedInto the person nature sculpted me to become As a person, I have grownMore than I could ever have knownAnd every day I face with a smileMakes me realize I'd want to stay awhile

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