Hyattsville, MD
United States


Obama wants a change. To have to world rearranged. Let's do this right. We can change during the day or night. We can change a person's life.


We can do this.

We can change without Obama breaking his wrist.

All we need is for people to hear us.

I'm going to do what Michael said by starting with the "Man in the Mirror"

Stop killing each other.

And let's stop all the drama.

Man this is crazy. 

Let's stop being lazy.

And do something.

Now and days it's hard. 

People carrying guns because they are tired of being called "soft"

We can change now.

Starting with town by town.

All I want is peace.

But we can't have peace because we are still fighting in the middle-east.

All I do is sit and cry questioning myself why.

How can we survive when people on the streets keep dying.

I wish life could be easier.

A change is coming fast.

We can start by cleaning up the streets.

Have friends and foes be cool and have peace.

Life can be better now. 

Love overcomes Hate. 

We can change this today. 

When everybody decides to change our home the U.S.A.


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