Change Starts Now

I don't seem to get the meaning in making more meek men suffer man made rules
Its a never ending cycle of tips and tunes and steps and breaks
Eyeing the moving hands, 
While the ticking tock of the clock keeps us from inhaling serenity
So you have to *Gasp, 
Until the world finds an end to 
The madness of these questions
Like why the electrical wires inside of us 
Are controlled by the circuit board of fear?
Until we choose to diffuse this bomb inside of us,
Then we are repaired forever more
Change... comes from a tiny speck of dust 
That saw an opportunity to live and become more 
Than it was ever supposed to be. 
To fulfill the never ending evolution of this changing revolution 
That is you and me 
And me and you 
And us and our future selves 
Because life is a complex array of twists and turns 
And walls that seem to have no doors 
And forever lead into an abyss until wait, stop... There you are. 
You'll find yourself in a world of discovery 
And you'll realize you are standing on possibilities welcome mat.
Now what do you do with this thing you've finally got so close to? 
Leave rejection alone in the void of dark hues
Because you are an orb filled with inspiration 
Needing to fly to new elevations 
To be led on an unexpected exploration 
Just try not to desert yourself and give in to the devils temptations 
It's a journey that may lead to you... or me. 
Or the middle of nowhere 
Because then and only then you feel you can rest 
And look back on the glory that was your flight. 
And remember saying, "well maybe I'll start now".


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